More on Scott Brown’s iffy “win” in Massachusetts

Who is rigging our elections? Clues from Massachusetts.
By Josh Mitteldorf

Since the stolen presidential election of 2004, Jonathan Simon has been at the forefront of analysis and research into election fraud in America. Yesterday, Simon published the result of his inquiry into the special election last January in which Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat (from the nation’s most solidly Democratic state) was offered up by the Democrats to a Tea Party Republican.

This was an election with crucial national significance. The Democrats had exactly the 60-vote margin in the Senate needed to push through Obama’s health care initiative over united Republican obstruction. Ted Kennedy had been a lifelong champion of that legislation, and his was widely regarded as a safe Democratic seat. State Attorney General Martha Coakley was supposed to be a shoo-in.

But Coakley campaigned half-heartedly — some would say incompetently. The RNC shoveled money into the race. A media campaign before the election proclaimed that challenger Scott Brown was unexpectedly competitive.

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One thought on “More on Scott Brown’s iffy “win” in Massachusetts”

  1. fantastic column, thanks for finding and publishing! Really what the hell is going on with the Dems that they hand over elections to the Republicans uncontested. this is really insane and they don’t want transparency and don’t care if the votes get counted correctly or if people get to vote in the first place.

    it seems like our system is run by rightwing powerful interests who don’t give a fig about “democracy” but like the media to con the public into believing we still have a “democracy”.


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