Gulf Coast residents POISONED en masse! (Where’s the media??)

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“From the Gulf Stream to the Bloodstream”:

Thousands of People Along the Gulf Coast Suffer ‘BP Crud’

The Untold Story of Human Health Effects From BP’s Oil Disaster

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post was given an opportunity for first, exclusive rights to publish this story today, but took a pass “because of the complicated nature of this story and our concerns that it’s too early to judge the real health effects.” Due to the time sensitive nature of this story, and because of tonight’s community health meeting in Orange Beach, we cannot hold it any longer for traditional news outlets. A special thanks to for partial funding to cover travel expenses for reporting on this story.

by Glynn Wilson

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. – Wherever disaster strikes, there’s always an associated crud.
There was the Exxon Valdez Crud. The Nine Eleven Crud. The Katrina Cough, and then the TVA coal ash cough.

Now, along the entire coast of the Gulf of Mexico, there is the BP Crud, afflicting workers and the general population from Louisiana to Florida.

When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, Robin Young, a 47-year-old director of guest services for a property management company in Orange Beach, Alabama, was gearing up for what promised to be the best tourist season on the coast in years. From the city of New Orleans to the Florida panhandle, communities were finally starting to feel like they were recovering from the devastation left in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan.

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3 thoughts on “Gulf Coast residents POISONED en masse! (Where’s the media??)”

  1. I recommend that you consult a toxicologist to interpret your results. Because I personally have no idea what they are saying. I think it is good that you are documenting the fears and experiences of the residents- I would just like to see it balanced by some expert analysis. It will help lend credibility to the claims put forth.

  2. You need to have a second person to witness each persons testimony. Then it becomes evidence you can use in court. If one person says, this happened to me, he could be lying or wrong or exaggerating. If you have just one witness, then what’s said becomes corraberated and can’t be so easily dismissed. Please use this idea in your next video. There is a reason 60 minutes or Dateline will often interview 2 or 3 people together. They interview 1 person alone for drama, but for legally sketchy stuff, interviewing 2+ people who all agree on the details in more airtight.

    With a website, people could be encouraged to get tested by the hundreds or thousands and post their location. Add Google Maps so people can visually see the localized effects. With enough test results gathered, you can file a class action lawsuit. The damages could help pay for treatment or cleanup.

    Really nice work. This is extremely important.

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