Foreclosure rate will help Karl Rove on E-Day‏

Foreclosures Pose Potential Trouble on Election Day

Home foreclosures, the epidemic spawned by the crash of the real estate market, are once again a potential election-year bugaboo.

With midterm elections nearing, advocacy groups and election officials around the country are concerned that homeowners and renters affected by foreclosure will face complications at the polls, if not ignore the election altogether. They fear the problem may be more prevalent than in 2008 because the number of property foreclosures this year is expected to be more than 3 million – 30 percent greater than two years ago, according to RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure database.

By law, voters must register in the county in which they reside, meaning eligibility is tied to home address.

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2 thoughts on “Foreclosure rate will help Karl Rove on E-Day‏”

  1. Rove’s new company, American Crossroads, is working with the party to ensure a lot of “wins” on E-Day.

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