Election fraud in Arizona (UPDATE from John Brakey and Jim March)

Hi, folks,

For the last week Jim and I have been on the road going county to county visiting election departments collecting information that will help us with the Maricopa election department case. Clearly we see that Maricopa gets special preferential treatment.

More on this later when we finish our report. First, here’s what happened in court–and what we see happening next.

John R Brakey and Jim March

Maricopa Judge Favors Misleading Testimony of Election Officials Over Election Law: Rules Partial Victory for Electors

In a one-day mini trial September 10th in the old Courthouse in Phoenix, Judge Oberbillig granted only partial victory to individual voters who filed suit August 16 in Maricopa County [Hess vs. Purcell] to compel the Maricopa Elections Recorder and Division of Elections to follow state law expressly written to protect and empower voters.

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