Did the GOP steal Ted Kennedy’s seat (Jonathan Simon interview)

Did GOP Steal Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat?

PBC Podcast 175 [1:13:26m]

Jonathan D. Simon, Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, presents his analysis of the special election in Massachusetts last January, which Scott Brown reportedly won. Simon compared the towns that used optical scanners with those that handcounted, and found a disparity of 8% in 2010, while there was little or no disparity in previous elections. The same case is being made by Brad Friedman of Bradblog.com in the Sept. 14 Senate primary in Delaware. You can read Simon’s report here. We also talk about the failure of the media and elected officials to challenge privately-run elections, the murky companies like LHS Corp that run elections without transparency, and the widespread sense that since Obama won in 2008, our election integrity problems are behind us. And PBC closes the show with a special dedication to Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell, the abstinence queen.

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