BP cleanup crew in Florida laid off “because they were finding too much oil”

From Maggie Richards:

Just heard from my son who was working on one of the cleanup crews for BP.

He tells me that the crew he was working with got laid off because they were finding too much oil. Last week at the Perdido Key National Sea Shore (Ft. McRae), they removed over 11,000 pounds of oil in 4 days. He said that they were told they could dig as deep as 6 inches. They removed these sheets of oil/tar–NOT tarballs–at 4 inches. He called it “a tar carpet.”

BP immediately, upon learning about this, replaced this entire crew with a crew that was known for their sloppy work.

He’s not exaggerating. The local TV station carried this story a couple days ago& showed BP authorities ordering the TV crew away from the beach when they went in with a small child size shovel and
started checking.

I don’t mind that my son was laid off because I have been concerned the whole time about what the hell he might be breathing in that mess, not to mention what other damage it could cause.

They are doing everything possible to cover up their crimes. It does piss me off that the proof is right here that BP is lying their ass off and no one is calling those bastards on it. It pisses me off more that this damn company can come into our country and try to tell people that they cannot go on the beach, cannot photograph the area etc. Who the hell gave them that authority?

If I could afford it I would be out there every day of the week asking those questions. And I would be taking pictures.

Maggie Richards

4 thoughts on “BP cleanup crew in Florida laid off “because they were finding too much oil””

  1. My husband was a foreman on the clean up. I have no idea why they were laid off. They knew it was coming for weeks, but they were still getting massive amounts of oil everyday. They were not allowed to dig or get anything out of the water and still got over 2000 lbs a day. Their hours were cut dramatically for the last month or so that he worked while we were still incurring the high cost of living out of state to have the job. It made me so mad. I could not understand why they were cutting crews and hours while still getting so much. There was never an answer, and exactly like a previous writer wrote they did bust up crews that were to productive. Also, they kept many workers that really didn’t work. My husband was so frustrated. He commented many times about not understanding why they let people go that really worked and kept the “Dead Heads”. It is very frustrating to know that so much oil is still there, just not visible. I have to wonder what the real deal is. It’s just a show, the real problem is still there, just under the surface.

  2. I have a FB cyber friend who lived in Louisiana and was hired to help clean up on beaches. She and many, many others all became very ill and got boil like sores all over their bodies. She sounded like she had an upper resp. infection all the time. Her eyes watered all the time. And this was long after she and they weren’t working anymore. Many of these people have died. Corexit is also very toxic. She lived near the beach and went each day and took photos and vids and posted them to FB.There were dead fish and or birds at the waters edge and people with kids playing practically right on top of the decay and poison. She’s still on my friend list but has since moved to another state with her kids thanks to some good people on FB. She couldn’t afford to move otherwise. I think she would’ve died had she stayed.I can’t think of her name at the moment but she IS on my list. Also Corexit is odorless. When seafood is inspected to serve in restaurants, it’s only looked at and sniffed. No odor so they let it through. I can’t recall the resource where I read that but it made me sick! One more thing. I have also read is that there were actually to oil pipes and one is still spewing oil into the Gulf. I just posted a resource for that on FB in the last 2 days. I hope your son hasn’t worked on clean up for any amount of time. Keep an eye on his health. Best wishes. LaVerne

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