Baucus calls for IRS investigation of Rove’s new gang!

Big Success!
Senator Baucus Asks IRS To Investigate
Karl Rove’s Group For Violating Tax Laws
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Great news for our campaign, and many thanks to all those who helped. Over the past two weeks, more than 6000 of you have sent our letter to Congress demanding an investigation of Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group for raising tens of millions in secret corporate donations to support pro-corporate candidates. And yesterday, Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus heeded our call by asking the Internal Revenue Service to conduct a full investigation not only of Rove’s group but all groups improperly using a tax-exempt status to manipulate elections. And, to make it clear that he means business, he asked the IRS to identify what tax laws have been broken by these secretive organizations. Here is a full copy of the letter.
Our campaign has become the go-to resource for the media, politicians and even candidates who want to know about the shadowy groups trying to buy politicians. And we have just released a new ad calling on Ohio Senate candidate Rob Portman to reject the support of Rove and American Crossroads. See it here.

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