From John Wellington Ennis:

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I am reaching out to you because you understand the importance of keeping our elections fair–especially in Ohio.

After years of hard work, I am in the home stretch of completing
PAY 2 PLAY, my film exposing the corrupt power players that have jerry-rigged our campaign process, and shows how taking back our elections from the highest bidder is actually possible.

I am asking you now to take a moment and offer a modest donation to help make this film happen.

Not only are we pressed to inform the public where our media has failed us, but we have a rare chance at this moment to capture the impact of Citizens United.  The controversial Supreme Court decision Citizens United ruled that corporations have all the rights as people to spend on elections, with none of the limitations. Americans across the political spectrum have decried this decision, and right now as “Big Money” is beginning to flood the process, we have plans to capture malfeasance in action.

We will not accept that our democracy has gone to the highest bidder. In making this film, we’ve documented political newcomers whose personal stories will inspire you, while their travails show everything that’s wrong with our campaign process today.  Beyond the campaign trail, our film will explore Citizens United–the extraordinary ruling as well as the group itself.  And because we need solutions even more than muckraking, this film sets out to show Americans how to take back their democracy.

But we need your help to do this!  And if you contribute through our Kickstarter campaign right now, you get cool stuff.  (Did I mention this whole story is re-told around our funny reinvention of a classic board game?)

Your tax-deductible donation will be going SO MUCH FURTHER than the corporate money fueling toxic campaign ads and content-less coverage. We are NOT helpless!  Your show of support, especially now when we need friends the most, shows that we have others standing with our mission, and that we have just begun to build.

This film has the power to affect change by educating, inspiring and calling to action.  Help us make that happen!

Thanks for all you do,

John Wellington Ennis, Director
PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes

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One Dude’s Quest
to Save Democracy
Picking up where
“Some Dude” left off…

My film
revealed crimes against our democracy through blocking votes and showed me co-founding the citizen journalism group
Video the Vote to fight voter suppression on Election Day. PAY 2 PLAY shows what has led up to Election Day and the cost of trying to make a difference.

Since July 4th, 2008, FREE FOR ALL has been streaming online for free–true to its name, free for all.  We did this because the information we uncovered was too critical to sit on.  As the film has spread, the response has been inspiring.

Now, we are hoping that our newfound friends will help us complete this journey.  What you saw in FREE FOR ALL is just the tip of the iceberg of what we filmed in Ohio, and beyond.  We have more heartland stories and corrupt intrigue to share in our mission of empowering Americans to take back their elections.

The shortened Educational Version of FREE FOR ALL is now available for schools, libraries, and institutions, as well as the feature length FREE FOR ALL at

Available soon in iTunes & Amazon!

High Stakes
Donations = Cool Things
To show the challenges faced by candidates, we created a PAY 2 PLAY Board Game!  (Like the note cards you see me stick on the wall in FREE FOR ALL that list types of voter suppression? It’s like that!)

The Monopoly theme of the
PAY 2 PLAY Board Game makes campaigns fun and accessible, while revealing the monopoly money has on our political process–for now.

Not only are the rules of the game a lesson in how politics are played, this board game shows the way to real reform.  In the
PAY 2 PLAY Board Game, like in elections, updating just a few rules makes it fair for everyone.

Get a limited edition copy AND help get our film out!

P2P Viral Video:
“Who is Alec Monopoly?”

My video about L.A. artist Alec Monopoly has now spread from the West Hollywood street scene to SoHo art circles.  If you haven’t seen this profile of the elusive artist, one of the many intriguing characters you’ll meet in PAY 2 PLAY, check it out!  Featuring music by up and coming Hip Hop producer Oddisee.

Alec’s original artwork and stickers are available exclusively to donors!

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