Tell FCC to block the Google/Verizon deal

Tell the FCC to block the Google/Verizon deal.
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Dear U.S. PIRG supporter,

You’ve probably heard by now that Google is trying to buy an E-ZPass to the information superhighway. [1] The deal it has made with Verizon would allow Google sites to load faster and take priority, while potentially slowing down other websites to a crawl.

The scary part is, this deal could become the precedent for future corporate deals, as well as future legislation on how the Internet works — essentially crushing the heretofore accepted notion of a free and open Internet that no one company can control.

Join us in telling the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block the bad Google/Verizon proposal.

Today, the benefits of Internet freedom — sometimes called net neutrality — are so strong as to be almost invisible to most users. Whether you want to publish a blog, or browse any kind of content whatsoever, there are no fast or slow lanes, no privileged websites or networks. And because everyone has equal access to everyone else’s content, the web has become a major source of information, innovation and democratic participation.

But deals like the one between Google and Verizon threaten all that. Suddenly companies could give corporate partners, or anyone willing and able to pay for it, special access to faster lanes on the information superhighway.

That’s not today’s Internet, and with your help, that won’t be tomorrow’s Internet either.

We need you to join our call to the FCC. Tell them to block the Google/Verizon proposal. Keep the Internet free.


Andre Delattre
U.S. PIRG Executive Director

P.S. Thanks for your support. Please feel free to share this e-mail with your friends and family.

[1] Google-Verizon Pact Proves Need for Real Net Neutrality, PC World, Aug. 11, 2010.

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