Maxine Waters did NO “special favors”

The Charges Against Maxine Waters Conflate Secretarial Tasks With “Crafting Legislation”
by David Fiderer

The “special favors” performed by Maxine Waters’ chief of staff were mundane tasks normally relegated to an administrative assistant or intern. Yet the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct inflated those actions into something more significant, namely the “crafting [of] legislation.” You have to wonder who the Committee thought it would be fooling when it drafted its Statement of Alleged Violations last June.

The Committee Statement, released on August 9, is notably different from the report prepared a year ago by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. Both documents allege ethics violations, and both rely on sleights of hand to show violations of the rules.

As noted here earlier, the OCE report faulted Rep. Waters for requesting a meeting between senior Treasury officials and the National Bankers Association, a group of minority-owned banks. The request made to Treasury would have benefitted many NBA members, though a major beneficiary would have been OneUnited, a minority-owned bank headquartered in Boston with five branches in California, Waters’ home state.

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