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Since things are looking just as dark as ever on the economic front, I’m forced to turn to you again to ask that you donate a little bit–even a very little bit!–so that I can keep doing News from Underground. If we don’t get some help, I’ll have to wind things up by Oct. 1.

When I say “a very little bit,” I’m not exaggerating. You can pledge to give as little as one dollar–or two, or three, or five–every month, the contribution to be sent us automatically. So far we have a number of people helping us this way. You could pledge to do that for six months, or for a year. If we can get enough of you to do it, we’ll get by.

So, if you can help, the place to go is here:

Thanks a million for whatever you can do, to keep this service going.

Mark Crispin Miller


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