“I bet you’d be ashamed to call them Americans”

What’s even more appalling than Glenn Beck himself, and rants like this one, is that they raise no eyebrows in “the liberal media.”

Imagine what would happen if somebody in the MSM would ever dare to vent like this against the rich–or even just to speak a little truth about the world they’ve made for us.

If you can’t imagine it (I can’t), that in itself suggests how free the US press is, and how “balanced.”


Glenn Beck on the 99ers: “I bet you’d be ashamed to call them Americans”
By karoli Tuesday Aug 17, 2010 2:00pm

Before you go after me for giving Glenn Beck any attention again, please watch this:

SEE THE VIDEO AT Crooks and Liars

I am writing this post so that I can email it to my in-laws who watch Glenn Beck’s show every single day and ask them how they can support this kind of heartless and inhuman spew. I am writing this post because it isn’t right for him to be able to shout this kind of excrement out with no counter response. It offends me. No, it infuriates me. At this point, it’s all too personal and too close to home and I’m really just damn sick and tired of letting conservatives get away with this crap while they roll in their moneybags and lowball bids on foreclosed homes of the people who aren’t them.

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i think this was a very relevant beck rant to respond to because it is an opinion that is shared by a good deal of people. of course, if you pay attention to the guy at any given time he will most likely say something outrageous. but this attitude in general, that the poor and unemployed are human leeches and are simply not trying, must be combated, because there’s a good chance that things will get worse for a while before they get better. during the filibuster i was talking to an unemployed friend all the time whose livelihood depended on the filibuster. he’d applied for something like 200 jobs while he was unemployed and it was all he cared about. he wanted dignity and a feeling of being someone. conservative america has a giant list of enemies who are trying to destroy them either through terrorism or sucking all their precious riches away, and a good deal of right wing infotainment on the tv radio and internet has to do with the creation of enemies via the reduction of certain segments of the world’s to grotesque caricatures. all of the lazies and the back people and the immigrants are trying to steal the great white treasure, while all the muslims koreans et al are trying to blow them all up, and all the gays are trying to corrupt their children. a disturbing portion of these people actually believe that the president of the united states is trying to destroy the country. and only militarism and reaganomics can save us.

as sickening as it might be to pay attention to beck, it is important to keep track of him because he does not exist in a vacuum, he is illustrative of a growing trend. he is the most clearly visible symptom of a very american sickness. an oozing sore, which may be disgusting to look at, but which is a window through which one can search for an accurate diagnosis of the real problem. it’s not just that some greedy asshole with a rightwing agenda (murdoch) has created a station that creates monsters like these, it’s that for some reason people want to believe what this guy wants to say. maybe some are just easily brainwashed, but there’s more to it than that too. this opinion of the unemployed has been around for as long as i can remember paying attention to such things. i am 35 and grew up during the 80’s and 90’s and limbaugh was doing the same thing then.

one thing i’d noticed growing up is that one of my conservative friends had fairly obvious motivations for hating the unemployed. the main one was that he hated his job. and yet he felt that being a productive citizen by way of working was the way he was supposed to grow up and be. but he obviously always had a lot of resentment about his job. he would fantasize about doing nothing all day. he didnt have to work as much as he did but he thought it proved something. but goddam did he complain. it seemed obvious to me that he hated unempolyed people because he was convinced that they were getting away with something and that in some way he envied them and felt that it was unjust that they should get away with something that he could not do.

But this is a guy who has had employment problems for a while since we were in our mid 20’s. every time i talked to him he was between jobs. he always got them but didnt last more than a few years (i lived far away and didnt see him often), partly because he so obviously resented working in general i suspect, but i dont really know. anyway though eventually he got married started a family and during that time lost his job and his cobra coverage while trying to raise a young child. this gave him a bit of perspective. but as soon as he got a job he got back to hating the unemployed. it was like he had to redirect the resentment somewhere to avoid becoming a rampage killer or whatever.

i talked to him fairly recently and he talked about “the lazy people.” he talked about how he’d found a job and other people should have to suffer through it like he did. but x, i said. (x is a fake name btw lol), you have a pretty good resume and work in computers in an area with diverse employment opportunities (ny metro, northern new jersey) and a lot of people cant find work in certain areas where the economy was basically centered around one or two things. unemployment is hitting people like factory workers and other people who’d worked at industrial and manufacturing jobs the hardest. factories close down and a whole town suffers. like the paper factory in watertown new york. (right by fort drum, so that the army becomes the only employment opportunity btw.)

they should have gone to college, x said. this from a guy who paid for his college and had his father bailing him out of financial crises fairly regularly when he was in his twenties. i was waiting for him to suggest that if they want manufacturing jobs they should just move to china. but we just started talking about music and other crap instead.

man that was a long post lol. i got carried away. anyway i hope your in-laws get the point. rock on.

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