Help stop Google’s drive against the Internet

The Internet is a freeway, but it could become a toll lane now that Google has thrown its weight behind charging fees for quicker Internet usage.
If you don’t want to be in the slow lane on the Internet, join us in asking the Federal Communication Commission to adopt “net neutrality” rules that require all data are treated equally by Internet service providers.
We launched Inside Google this Spring because we were concerned about how big Google had grown and what it was doing in the name of profit.
While our concerns have focused on privacy and anti-trust issues, Google had been the biggest proponent of “net neutrality,” until it joined with Verizon this week to become the greatest threat to net neutrality.
Google is unlikely to change course, so we need the government to lay down clear rules. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has wanted to take such a step, but now it’s clear he must. Please weigh in with the FCC. We cannot trust Google and other companies to keep the Internet open and free. We must ask the FCC to guarantee that all Internet use is treated the same.
Consumer Watchdog will be sending a letter to the FCC immediately. Please add your signature to the petition.
Thanks for all your support,

President of Consumer Watchdog

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