Hands off Social Security!

No increase in the retirement age. No privatization. No Social Security cuts.


Social Security is once again under attack. The White House debt commission co-chairs want to cut benefits and raise the retirement age. Wall Street billionaires are trashing it. Conservatives still want to privatize it.

But the American people know Social Security adds not a dime to the deficit.  And strong majorities – in poll after poll – say hands  off Social Security!

The politicians can’t cut Social Security if we hold their feet to the fire, just like we did when President Bush tried it.

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1 reply on “Hands off Social Security!”

no social security does not add to the defict. My generation has put into social security then any other in history. The money should be there but stating with bush 41 he used it for War. Clinton used it to but was smart enough to leave with a surplus. Then hitting the piggy bank on ssi went to Bush 43 and then things really got out of hand and i would say if you don’t think they didn’t hit the piggy bank to finance 2 wars and 1 not war with ssi money i will sell you a bridge. I say with all the millions of seniors out there if they don’t put their foot down this is just the begining of genacide for them. People were elected to office should have taken care of the budget awhile ago. To words that tick me off are transperency lord knows that has caught on don’t mean anything and the other that sends my blood pressure sky high is entitlements. You best believe we are entitled we paid into it our whole lives and you people in washington should stop thinking or which party you belong to and come up with stopping pet projects, waste and wars. I think its a lot of nerve to say to my generation sorry we spent your money on war your sol so were cutting your ssi . Seniors do have a say and they should voice it at the polls. Oh, i got rid of my aarp card when they pushed obama care down my throat

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