Google’s great betrayal (2 items)

Here’s Why the Broadband Debate Matters For You
by Jamilah King
ColorLines | August 13 2010

So what’s the big deal with Google, anyway? Broadband and Internet regulation have been in the news a lot this week-and activists are converging on the company’s headquarters this afternoon to protest its recent
proposal with Verizon. There are a lot of big, techy words in this debate and it can get hard to follow. So
here’s a primer on what it’s all about, and why it matters to communities of color.

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A paper trail of betrayal: Google’s net neutrality collapse
By Matthew Lasar
ars technica | August 11, 2010

Like the rest of the technology world, we’re wondering why Google has chosen to ally itself with Verizon,
issuing a set of joint net neutrality recommendations that critics charge would significantly weaken the
Federal Communications Commission’s ability to protect the open Internet.

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