‘Cabal’ at VA is killing veterans

‘Cabal’ at VA Is Killing Veterans
By Nora Eisenberg, AlterNet

Despite the recently announced intention by Secretary Eric Shinseki and his Chief of Staff, John Gingrich, to change the “culture” of VA, the agency is in the grips of a rogue bureaucracy that bypasses congressional oversight and sabotages veterans interests and health. This was the claim made by several speakers at last Tuesday’s hearing of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations to consider Gulf War illness and “Dissatisfied Veterans.” Some 250,000 veterans of Desert Storm are disabled from the a multi-symptom, multi-system sickness associated with exposure to toxins during deployment. service. According to Paul Sullivan, Executive Director of the veterans advocacy group Veterans for Common Sense, “a cabal of VA staff” is “intentionally delaying research and treatment for our veterans.”

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2 replies on “‘Cabal’ at VA is killing veterans”

Next time send the VA to fight our wars!!!! This new leadership is ill equipped to do anything. Ask yourself if it is an embedded culture of delay deny and wait for em to die, why hasn’t the general fired all of the incumbent leadership and replaced them with the people that really care about veterans? MONEY MONEY MONEY Congress pockets it by the millions and Americans let them do it!!!

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