At Gitmo, force-feedings during Ramadan

And let’s be clear: force-feeding is torture, as Luke Mitchell notes so cogently in Harper’s, at

So Pres. Obama’s “ban” on torture has its loopholes.


via Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG):

Ramadan at Guantánamo: Nightly force-feedings

Here’s a new twist in the U.S. military’s Islamic sensitivity effort in the prison camps for suspected terrorists at the Guantánamo Bay Navy base:

Military medical staff are force-feeding a secret number of prisoners on hunger strike between dusk and dawn during the Muslim fasting holiday of Ramadan.

The prison camps spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Bradley Fagan, says it is U.S. Southern Command policy to no longer reveal the exact number of detainees being shackled by guards into restraint chairs for twice daily feedings.

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