WashPost falls for FOX’s propaganda re: the New Black Panther Party

So now, with the non-story of the New Black Panthers’ mythic “voter fraud” in Philadelphia, the WashPost‘s ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, is doing the same bad job that NYTimes ombudsman Clark Hoyt did with the non-story of the phoney ACORN “exposé” which all but wrecked that outfit.

It’s a bad job because the point of all such propaganda tales is to facilitate the theft of several races this November by the GOP–a crime that will be all the easier not to notice, if the media has everybody seeing the Republicans as victims, and the Democrats as perpetrators, of election fraud and vote suppression, Karl Rove’s two main specialties.

And that bad job is sure to be all that much easier still, what with the media repeating and repeating that the Democrats can’t possibly prevail this fall, and that the Tea-Baggers are flourishing, etc., etc.

I say all this not as a Democrat–as I am not a Democrat, because thatparty is, in its own passive way, complicit in the theft of our elections, as it just keeps on doing nothing whatsoever to reform (i.e., replace) our shockingly defective voting system.

I say this, rather, as a dogged independent, who keeps doggedly believing in democracy– which will be finished in the USA if we don’t somehow get this subject on the national agenda (along with media reform and campaign finance reform).


WashPost Ombudsman Falls for Fox’s Latest Trumped-Up ‘Outrage’ over ‘New Black Panther Party’ Non-Story
by Brad Friedman

If you didn’t already know that the latest Fox “News” fake “outrage” about the jackass from the New Black Panther Party who was caught on video standing outside a Philadelphia polling place with a nightstick in 2008 was another predictably trumped-up Rightwing scam story, Jamison Foser will help you understand why that is.

Read more.

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