New Yorkers, SAY NO to natural-gas drilling! (Mark Ruffalo)

Natural Gas Drilling: Calling on New York to Stop This Unnatural Process
Mark Ruffalo

I live in a quiet corner of New York State. My wife and I chose to raise our children here because we want our children to grow up in its peaceful, pastoral landscape. But the calm that drew us here is about to be shattered by a gold rush in natural gas drilling.

Most people think drilling happens out on the lonely Western plains or on distant rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. But in the past few years, a natural-gas gold rush has spread across Pennsylvania, is poised to burst into New York State and could spread across the watershed that supplies drinking water to more than 15 million people in New York City, Philadelphia and other locations.

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We battled the gas industry and local city politicians for over a year over four wells they intended to put within four hundred feet of our 550 home community. We were victorious because they made the mistake (god’s blessing to us) of using deceptive trade practices in obtaining waivers. This is affecting millions of americans in 34 states – their health and the value of their land and homes. United we stand as us citizens against this industry

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