IMF takes aim at Social Security (Dean Baker)

From Kim Kaufman:

So now the IMF is getting into the game. And here’s how it’s going to go down, according to
Nancy Altman of, as heard on Counterspin, FAIR’s radio show:

The President’s Deficit Commission, set up by executive order by the President, also stated that
its report was due December 1, conveniently after the November elections. If 14 out of the 18
on the commission reach an agreement-which is sure to happen, since most of them hate Social Security (even Andy Stern’s now saying that SS should invest in the stock market)-there will be
swift action on it, since Reid/Pelosi have already agreed to bring it up for a fast-track vote in the
lame duck Congress, so that it can take place without any public input.


The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang:
The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security
by Dean Baker

A few years back, there was a fear in some parts about black UN helicopters that were supposedly taking part in the planning of an invasion of the United States. While there was no foundation for this fear, there is basis for concern about the attack of another international organization, the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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