Feds bully filmmaker John McTiernan into plea for false statements

John McTiernan is the man who made the must-see documentary, The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove (as well as such big-budget hits as Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October).

Let me take this opportunity to urge you to see the Rove doc ASAP, if you haven’t done already. It’s just a click away, at

So was McTiernan targeted because of his hard-hitting exposé of how the DoJ served as a giant club in Karl Rove’s hands?


From Andrew Kreig:

I’d like to share with you my article yesterday “Feds Bully ‘Die Hard’ John McTiernan Into Plea for False Statements” describing the heavy-handed prosecution of the filmmaker, who last year made the documentary, “The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove.” Here is the version on OpEdNews:

The same story was published also by outlets with differing political perspectives:

Huffington Post, Feds Bully ‘Die Hard’ McTiernan Into Plea for False Statements,

Connecticut Watchdog,

American Daughter Magazine,

Andrew Kreig
Executive Director, Justice Integrity Project
Washington, DC 20004

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