The Shadow over Israel (Margaret Atwood)

The Shadow over Israel
Until Palestine has its own ‘legitimized’ state within its internationally recognized borders, the Shadow will remain.
By Margaret Atwood

Recently I was in Israel. The Israelis I met could not have been more welcoming. I saw many impressive accomplishments and creative projects, and talked with many different people.

The sun was shining, the waves waving, the flowers were in bloom. Tourists jogged along the beach at Tel Aviv as if everything was normal.

ButÅ  there was the Shadow. Why was everything trembling a little, like a mirage? Was it like that moment before a tsunami when the birds fly to the treetops and the animals head for the hills because they can feel it coming?

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It saddens me that Miss Atwood believes she is seeing the ‘big’ picture but really she has been a victim of anti-Israel propaganda like so many others. To say that she has not been on a college campus so she doesn’t really know what’s going on there is unlikely. She lives in Toronto, and York University is a major player in the ‘anti-Israel’ movement so much so that a committee was formed to try and calm the nasty waters there. This was big news in her home town. And while the Palestinians (who didn’t actually exist for 5000 years) may have had a passive role in WW2, Israel was inhabited by Jews since the beginning of time. That they would want to go back to their homeland after seeing 6 million Jews exterminated in Poland and Germany, is understandable, don’t you think? Undeniably, Israel is the Jewish homeland. The blessing and the curse. But it’s true. The ‘elephant in the room’ she refers to is a two way street. Palestinians using children as shields and then accusing Israeli’s of killing innocent children is a bit hypocritical. Get your facts straight before you point fingers and assume that all Israeli’s feel guilt over the treatment of the Palestinians. Some do, some don’t. Not surprising your answer to the ‘situation’ is let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Hopefully there will be peace in the middle east, and a 2 state solution would be ideal, but you’re naive because you can afford to be. You can even think you’re not biased because you have nothing riding on the future of Israel. Not your land, not your people, not your history. And finally, it will come out that the attack on the flotilla in Gaza, this was NOT a ship with aid for Gaza. If it was there wouldn’t have been resistance to board. Israel may not always make the right decisions, they are a new country and bound to make mistakes, but they knew something was not right with this flotilla and boarded with paintball guns. The Turks who died were paid to be on that boat and died martyrs just as their leader had hoped. It is unfortunate that 9 people died, but know that Israel will defend herself and stop any boats to Gaza that may pose a threat.
Your writings sound vaguely familiar…perhaps Helen Thomas-ish?

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