Something’s rotten in the state of Arkansas

It’s coming ever clearer that Blanche Lincoln’s “win” in Arkansas was based on vote suppression
and election fraud: the sort of thing the GOP has done to Democrats for years—and that the Democrats, it would appear, prefer to do primarily to other Democrats, especially those who come up from the left.

Here are two items from Brad Friedman, who’s been paying attention. We also need to hear from others with firsthand experience of blockage at the polls, or weird machine behavior, or intimidation, or whatever; and others with the proper expertise should crunch the numbers. (Same goes for the contest “lost” by Marcy Winograd in California.)

I asked Brad if he had heard of any exit polls, and he had not. So were there any? Or were they considered just too unreliable to be of any use (unlike the wholly faith-based voting systems now being used in every state)?

Those inclined to shrug this off had better get their head-gear flushed out quick; because if we ignore the evidence of a subverted race or two (or three) this week, it will be that much easier for the Usual Suspects to steal back a lot of races in November, now that Karl Rove’s back in business.


From Tuesday:

Fears Over Garland Cty, Arkansas Precinct Closures ‘Come Full Flower’

Long lines, parking probs reported at county’s only two polling places opened for tight Democratic U.S. Senate run-off primary…

As we flagged last night, early reports today are that the concerns about the polling place fiasco in Garland County, Arkansas, have now “come to full flower.”

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