SC Democrats “proud” of their decision

From Katie:


I was so outraged that the SC Dem Party has rubberstamped the “victory” of Alvin Greene that I called them and spoke with a woman whose first name is “Ann.” (She refused to give me her last name.)

She said: “There was no hard evidence of tampering with the electronic voting machines and the tabulated results. We considered all the evidence presented by Judge Vic Rawls, and since there was no hard evidence, we made the best decision we could. […] If we had continued forward with the contested election lawsuit, it would have been in the courts for years and would call into question the many elections over the years where electronic voting machines were used.”

[So she evidently didn’t know that “many elections over the years” have been “called into question” by many experts!–MCM]

She added that, in fact, they were “proud” of their decision, that they had carefully looked at all “the evidence,” and made the best decision based on that.

She hung up on me when I asked her if I could quote her and asked for her last name.

Here’s the contact page for the SC Dem party:

They even have a 800 number.

I told her that the Democratic Party there had just handed SC’s Senate seat to the GOP, and rubberstamped a fraudulent election result. I also told her that these e-voting machines have been used extensively to rig elections for the GOP candidates, especially in the last 10 years, and mentioned just a few of them.

She had no reply to that, didn’t want to talk about it.



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