Russ Baker speaks about the dark side of Bush/Cheney, in NY on 6/9

From Russ Baker:


With Karl Rove’s and Laura Bush’s books out recently, and George W. Bush’s own “Decision Points” due out with much fanfare in November, this is a perfect time to learn (and not from Karl, Laura or George) what really happened in this country the past eight years. Learn how the staggering Bush epoch evolved from unexamined occurrences over the past half century, and how it is still influencing White House policy today. Learn the back story to current controversies, from the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to the continuing hostilities in the Middle East. Learn about CIA-financial-military networks and their ability to shape presidencies.

Please join author Russ Baker for a talk, reading and signing of his book Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Past Fifty Years. Baker’s work has been praised by Gore Vidal, who called it one of the most important books of the decade, Dan Rather, and Bill Moyers. Full of stunning major revelations, Family of Secrets will change the way you view power in America. The talk will be followed by an extended question and answer session and then a signing.

THIS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, FROM 7-830, at the New York University Bookstore in its brand new location, 726 Broadway at Waverly, just below Astor Place. Easy access to most subway lines.

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