Obama won’t investigate the Bush Gang–but THEY want to nail HIM!

Just like Bill Clinton, who reportedly made some agreement with Bush I to drop the scandal
called “Iraq-gate,” and Iran/contra, in exchange for… what, exactly? Whatever Clinton thought he’d get out of that deal, the Bush Republicans went right ahead and sought by every means conceivable (except outright assassination) to abort his presidency.

And now Obama, having steadfastly refused to prosecute Bush/Cheney (for a lot of doings that make Iran/Contra and Iraq-gate look like jaywalking and shoplifting), finds himself in the crosshairs of the GOP. That’s the thanks the Democrats just keep on getting for their efforts to “reach out” to those who would like nothing better than to kill them.

When will they ever learn?


Will Obama Be Investigated After Letting Rove Off the Hook?

From the outset of his administration, President Barack Obama has said that he will “look forward, not backwards” when it comes to apparent crimes by the George W. Bush administration.

What has been Obama’s reward? Republicans now are pushing for an investigation of his administration over alleged dealmaking connected to senatorial campaigns.

You heard that right. Karl Rove and other “loyal Bushies” apparently will escape scrutiny, while Obama could be under fire for his involvement with U.S. Senate campaigns in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

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