From Stephanie Low:

Hi Folks,
You may not understand all the ins and outs of the message below, but what’s important is

Please take the time starting at 9 AM, click on each senator’s name on the Environmental Conservation Committee and ask him/her to vote to move the Englebright/Addabbo bill forward
and out of committee to the Rules Committee. For your reason? It’s the best bill to save our water.

The only ones you REALLY need to call are:

Thompson, Foley, Johnson, Leibell, Little, Marcellino, Parker, Stewart-Cousins, and Young.

The others are already with us. Stewart-Cousins is probably already on our side, reportedly.

Foley and Parker are Dems, located in Hauppauge (1 hour from NYC) and Brooklyn, respectively, so my guess is they should be with us. Use your sweetest tones. Their support could tip the scales.

Thanks for taking the time. It might save our water.
> Dear all –
> We are on the verge of getting the State Legislature to require NYS to wait for the EPA study of high volume hydrofracking to be completed, before allowing exploitation of the Marcellus Shale. The Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee has passed the Englebright/Addabbo bill (S7592A), for a moratorium until the EPA study is done, but the Senate Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Committee is stuck on “not sure”!
> The EnCon Committee WILL MEET TOMORROW (Monday, June 14) AT NOON. Your call is critical, into their office answering machines today or to staff answering the phones tomorrow morning. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! They will consider Sen. Antoine Thompson’s “compromise” bill for a one-year moratorium, not tied to the EPA study. MESSAGE: WE NEED THEM TO CONSIDER and APPROVE THE ADDABBO BILL INSTEAD!!!
> Simple message: Do the science before the drilling. The EPA study is a “freebie” for New York; why wouldn’t we wait until that research is done to guide what we do?
> Attached is a spreadsheet with all NYS Senators, with phone numbers. Please concentrate on the 14 members of the EnCon Committee first:
> * Antoine Thompson, Chair
> * Brian X. Foley
> * Owen H. Johnson
> * Vincent L. Leibell
> * Betty Little
> * Carl L Marcellino
> * Suzi Oppenheimer
> * Frank Padavan
> * Kevin S. Parker
> * Bill Perkins
> * Eric T. Schneiderman
> * José M. Serrano
> * Andrea Stewart-Cousins
> * Catharine Young
> Of these folks, co-sponsors of the Addabbo bill are Oppenheimer, Perkins, Schneiderman, and Serrano. If you can make a quick call to their offices to thank them for their support, that would be great!
> After you’ve made those calls (THANK YOU!) it’s time to put pressure on our own local senators. FIND YOUR SENATOR at
> Information on Sen. Antoine Thompson’s proposal (S8129) for a 1-year moratorium is at At the bottom of the page you can add YOUR comments on this legislation!
> WSKG “COMMUNITY CONVERSATION” on drilling: Crystal Sarakas is hosting a discussion on water and gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale Tuesday, June 15th at 7 p.m. on WSKG radio. It’s not clear from their website how people can participate in this “conversation” or who the guests might be. It would be great if a few people on this list would call in and voice their opinions.
> THANKS for all your advocacy, folks! Please make those calls today.The fact that we’ve gotten this far, considering the millions of dollars the gas companies have spent on lobbying, advertising, and free buses for the landowner coalitions to go to Albany, is nothing short of amazing. This is the grassroots at its best!
> Martha Robertson

Senator tally sheet on Addabbo 7592A

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