New Yorkers: A petition against fracking!

Tell NYS DEC Commisioner Grannis:
NO DRILLING until the EPA completes its study!

We, the undersigned, join Catskill Mountainkeeper in calling on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to hold up issuance of their final SGEIS on gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing until they can study and integrate the conclusions of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s report on gas drilling. The EPA is commencing a comprehensive research study to investigate the potential adverse impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water quality and public health.

We commend the EPA for recognizing that their 2004 report which concluded that hydraulic fracturing did not pose a threat to drinking water, did not address many conditions that are common today such as drilling in shale, and fracturing horizontally up to a mile underground which requires five times more chemical laden fluid than vertical drilling. We regret that the incomplete 2004 report was used by the Bush administration to justify exempting hydraulic fracturing from over sight under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

We know that there is absolutely no reason to fast track the drill permitting process. Gas supplies are plentiful. The U.S. Energy Information Administrations Short-Term Energy Outlook’s forecast states that there are abundant inventories of natural gas and gas consumption is not on the rise. Given fracking’s potential to pollute our drinking water, foul our air and spoil our land and health the New York State DEC should methodically review all pertinent information before issuing its findings.

We implore you to consider the final conclusions of the EPA’s new research study before issuing the SGEIS.

Furthermore we request that you issue a second draft after you review the EPA Study so that the public can have the opportunity to comment on your findings.

The Undersigned

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