How BP will likely make its “payouts”

From Linda James:


As someone who has worked claims with insurance companies for over 25 years, I can tell you how the claims adjusters are trained to work:

First, they will process the paperwork very methodically-which means they’ll work one piece of the paperwork at a time. They’ll read that one section of the claim, then ask the claimant for many, many additional documents that they’ll say are related to that section of the claim.

The point of this is to delay, and slowly wear the claimant down. Most people are too busy trying to stay on top of life when hit with a disaster of any kind-fire, car accident or whatever.

They literally send such people on a pointless paper chase. Usually the documents that they request have absolutely no relevance to the case.

Also, according to state law (in most states), they can then claim they are “working the case” and that they are waiting for additional documentation from the client.

Once they’ve finished up with that first section, and the client has complied and submitted the additional requested paperwork, they’ll move on to the next, and start the process all over again.

They’re trained to process claims this way-and it’s successful. Most people just give up, deciding it’s too
time-consuming, frustrating and expensive to go through all that, so they accept the pittance of a “payout” offered them. I have seen client after client who was fully insured for 100% of the insured value accept 20-40% of the claim value, just to be done with it.

I have watched this process for years-and in fact, filed a grievance and put these practices on file with our insurance commissioner in Washington State. I had an insurance adjuster teach this to me.

Feel free to make this public. It’s the truth about standard practice by insurance companies-and it’s wrong.

Linda James

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