Greene got 100% of Dem votes in one precinct, says SC poll worker

From Annie Hall in South Carolina:
Subject: A SC poll worker’s comments on Alvin Greene

Saw your article via News from Underground feed in my Google reader. Thank God someone finally mentioned the voting machines.

I am a poll worker in the Columbia, SC area and worked Tuesday’s primary. We had a very low turnout–304 voters out of 2,000+ registered; party turnout was virtually 50/50. What struck me on the tally for our precinct was the Greene vote. With a little over 150 democratic votes cast, almost all votes were cast for Greene, and I found this highly suspect. Never have I seen a candidate get so close to 100% of a party vote. This virtual unanimous vote only occurred with Greene–voting for the other candidates was reasonably spread out.

Please keep on this story. In my opinion, the only logical explanation for this craziness is the voting machines. Living in SC is quite an experience but I would be so honored if this debacle led to real scrutiny of the voting machines.

Thank you!


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