For just $10, you can help get rid of e-voting!

Sheila Parks is A-OK.


From Liz Rich:

Dear Gentlepeople I love using that word.

A member of our group, Sheila Parks, has been one of the pioneers working for paper ballots and against the fraud and error of electronic voting machines. She has asked me to help her raise money to attend a forum in Detroit where she is featured in this effort. Unfortunately, her first email with this request got lost or you would have had it much earlier. Now she is down to the wire.

If any of you could support her with just a donation of $10.00 it would allow her to attend this meeting and further the cause. Here is her explanation for this request. Sheila does selfless work and deserves to be supported if you possibly can. Thank you, Liz


I have been working on voting rights and against the fraud and error of electronic voting machines since the 2000 presidential election. See

I am scheduled to give a workshop on hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB) at the United States Social Forum 2010 (USSF10) being held in Detroit, June 22-26. I am also invited to take part in a round table on elections while there.

I am raising money for travel and lodging and food for 4 days in Detroit.

Recent elections, especially, but not limited to South Carolina, are giving the e-voting machines some real attention now. This is a really important opportunity to talk about the fraud and error of the machines and advocate for HCPB to a new audience.

If you can donate $10 to this trip, please make check out to Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots and mail to:

Sheila Parks
14 Barnard Road
Belmont, MA 02478

I regret we are not tax deductible yet.

Since this trip getting down to the wire, could you email me at: so that I will know if I can afford this trip.

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