CORRECTION: Dick Russell to speak in NYC on 6/15–on Mike Connell, 9/11 and much else!

Dick Russell is co-author of Jesse Ventura’s American Conspiracies–and also co-authored Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s two great articles on GOP election fraud that came out in Rolling Stone in 2005 and 2006. (Dick did not co-author Bobby Kennedy’s first Rolling Stone piece, on Ohio; Bobby wrote that solo. Dick did co-write the second piece, on the easy hackability of e-voting machines, and, in particular, the evidence (by now overwhelming) that, in Georgia in 2002, the re-elections of Sen. Max Cleland and Gov. Roy Barnes were stolen by the GOP, through Diebold’s manipulation of their e-voting machinery in two counties there. — MCM)

So Dick is something of an expert on the problem of election fraud, and has been heavily involved in some of the best efforts to make that (growing) problem better-known to the American public. (American Conspiracies includes an excellent chapter on the story of Mike Connell, Karl Rove’s IT whiz until his sudden death in late November, 2008.) He also will discuss the evidence of several other big conspiracies, and the media’s knee-jerk tendency to laugh them off and/or “debunk” them as mere crackpot “theories.”

Dick will be speaking at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15th, at the McNally Jackson Bookstore at 52 Prince St. (between Lafayette & Mulberry); and I’ll be there to host his talk.


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