Court allows NYPD to withhold data on arrests at GOP convention

NYPD Can Keep Its Secrets: 2004 Convention Arrests Remain Mysterious

On Wednesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the New York City Police Department can withhold 1,900 pages of data detailing police surveillance in advance of the 2004 Republican Convention in New York.

So now and forever, the reason that 1,800 people were arrested, many pre-emptively, during the convention and placed in a pen on the Hudson River – nicknamed Guantanamo on the Hudson by some – will remain very much a mystery. Those documents also might have shed some light on the efforts of undercover police officers sent all over the country to gather intelligence on people who might come to the city to protest.

The city has paid out millions to those who were arrested and a Federal District Court judge, along with a federal magistrate, had ruled that the city was required to release the data that led to the arrests, but the Second Circuit decided that transparency could “undermine the safety of law enforcement personnel and would likely undermine the ability of a law enforcement agency to conduct further investigations.”

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