Clint Curtis on the e-voting machines in SC

Electronic Voting Machines in South Carolina

Many of you may have heard of the recent Democratic Senatorial Election in South Carolina. A candidate who made no attempt to campaign and has been charged with distribution of pornography lost the absentee (verifiable ballots) by the margin of 75% to 25% but won the nomination through totals on the unverifiable machines. Those totals were almost the same margin except now flipped. That election is presently being challenged by the only candidate that actually campaigned, a four term legislator and former Judge.

The election is being challenged based on mathematical probability of such an occurrence. Of course, situations like this never happen absent a scandal between the two vote patterns. If it survives the initial challenge, an opportunity exists to collect affidavits of the Democratic voters that voted at the polls in that election. Just as we did in 2006, this could clearly demonstrate that the machine are unreliable and should never be used in elections. This could provide the opportunity to end the use of these machines across the country forever. Just as important, if the results are declared unreliable, what chance does any winning nominee have in the general election. With the rise of the “Tea Party” we must make sure that the votes will be counted correctly and not let unexplainable elections be explained away by the media promoting a small population as if it were a massive movement.

I have discussed this possibility with the challenging campaign and should they approve, we must be capable of quickly providing results. The more time that elapses, the greater the possibility that the voter will not remember for whom they voted.

What we need is volunteers that have the ability to donate a weekend polling voters in the state of South Carolina. I should be able to coordinate housing and food for the event. If this is something you can do please notify me at Make sure you let me know if you prefer a particular area in South Carolina. When this action becomes available I will contact you with the information.

Florida’s Beach Cleanup

Oil has hit the Florida’s beaches. Jody, my wife, is presently on the East Coast of Florida (Daytona Beach – Cocoa Beach area) organizing cleanup volunteers. While presently hitting the West Coast the oil is caught in the Gulf Stream and will likely hit both the Everglades and loop around the coast to attack the East Coast of Florida.

She will be collecting the names of folks that would be available to assist in the cleanup. The cleanup of oil covered animals is somethign of a specialty so you would not be asked to perform that task. We will be looking for volunteers that would be willing to remove oil covered sand or build temporary leveis in order to keep the oil slick from contaminating wet lands. I will coordinate the volunteers with the proper agengies once we have collected enough folks to make a difference. To volunteer please call 321-267-6818, leave a message, and remember to tell her which coast or area you would be willing to work at.

We didn’t make the mess but it will take all of us to clean it up.


Clint Curtis

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