Cheney’s gang was an accomplice in this horror…

The Gulf “spill” has us paying for many things–one of which is Big Dick Cheney’s view that conservation is for sissies, and his secret sitdown, right after BushCo’s coup, with the top dogs in the energy cartel, and all that happened afterward; and so we’re also paying for the media’s acquiescence in that early crime (among scores of others, including BushCo’s coup).

So where has Dick been since the rig exploded? He’s been uncharacteristically reserved–very different from his usual mouthing off, like a Mafia kingpin daring the authorities to try and nail him. Even with Obama in the White House, and Eric Holder (therefore) wearing his blindfold and earplugs, Cheney doesn’t seem to feel it would be wise to say a word in public.

Could it be because his gang, Halliburton, was BP’s accomplice in this crime for which there aren’t sufficient words?


BP and Halliburton’s Role in the Gulf Oil Disaster– Well Casing Horror Story
By Rob Kall

Right from the beginning, it was reported right away– that Halliburton’s job was to cement and seal the well casing. But I misunderstood what that meant. I took it to mean that Halliburton’s job was to seal the connection between the well-head and the top of the pipe that was drilled 18,000 feet into the ground.


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