Arkansas voters sue to block certification of election

Note the anomalies (sent out by

There were 324,216 votes cast in the May 18 primary–and in yesterday’s election,
fewer than 260,000. Unless there was a strange and sudden wave of voter apathy in
Arkansas, that means over 60,000 votes pre-empted or erased. Halter lost, or “lost,”
by 10,000 votes.

In Garland County, there were 40 polling places open on May 18–and only 2 were
open yesterday. Halter won Garland County in May.

So there’s every reason to stop “analyzing” Blanche Lincoln’s “victory”–what it “says”
about incumbents, “voter rage,” female politicians, etc.–and to start looking into it, to
see if Lincoln really was the voters’ choice.


Voter Lawsuit Filed in Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln, Bill Halter Senate Runoff
Suzi Parker

A lawsuit on behalf of three Arkansas voters against the Garland County Election Commission was filed late Tuesday afternoon, adding a dramatic twist to Tuesday’s runoff between incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Governor Bill Halter for the Democratic Senate nomination.

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