A BP troll in the Department of Interior

From Kim Kaufman:

This is part of the reason why BP can’t be trusted–and why the government can’t be trusted, either. There are probably more BP or other oil industry trolls in Obama’s DOI not yet outed.

Sylvia V. Baca, a senior public and private sector manager in energy and environmental policy
and programs, was named Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar on June 18, 2009. The appointment did not require Senate confirmation.

Baca had been general manager for Social Investment Programs and Strategic Partnerships at
BP America Inc. in Houston, and had held several senior management positions with the company since 2001, focusing on environmental initiatives, overseeing cooperative projects with private and public organizations, developing health, safety, and emergency response programs and working on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability objectives.

There’s more to her bio if you have the stomach:


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