74 Democrats say “no” to Net Neutrality-SAY NO TO THEM!

74 Democrats sold you out to AT&T, Verizon and Comcast

74 Democratic members of Congress just sold you out to AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.

They signed industry-backed letters telling the FCC to abandon efforts to protect Internet users by prohibiting big companies from blocking Internet traffic.

Not only is this letter an attack on net neutrality, but by signing the industry letter, they are attempting to drastically undercut the FCC’s ability to make a fast, affordable and open Internet available to everyone in America. They are actually taking a position against the interests of rural and low-income communities.

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1 reply on “74 Democrats say “no” to Net Neutrality-SAY NO TO THEM!”

Net Neutrality will shut down freedom of speech. The FCC is twisting the truth as usual. This website is being used as propaganda for the Socialist Progressives.

Read the 74 Democrats article closely. it is full of all kinds of double talk and contradiction.
They are counting on your ignorance. Don’t let them fool you into thinking a government ruling over the internet will protect it. Whenever you let the government in, it demands control. This is their pattern.

Wake up.

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