What’s happening in the Gulf–and what COULD happen in NY

From Gianni Ortiz:

This morning there was an eye opening interview with Riki Ott (http://www.movetoammend.org) on Democracy Now that I hope goes viral (below). Many of the same players (including everyone’s favorite international Dealer of Death, Halliburton) and exemptions from clean air and clean water regulations (actually called The Halliburton Exemption) involved with the oil leak in the Gulf are involved in the hydrofracking project that will be getting fast tracked permits as soon as spring 2011. Governor Patterson is in a particularly powerful position to do the right thing for the planet, farmers and all future generations of wildlife and humans – as there is not a single vote for him to lose, because he’s not running. He could/should be advocating for the rejection of the entire project because clean water and clean soil are irreplaceable and worth more than a few pieces of
gold. There are so many pressing issues but this has got to move closer to front and center in order
to kill this project or NYS could be a future, inland Gulf Coast catastrophe just waiting to be permitted – or not.

This is not just a NYState issue, though. These lands are part of our collective commons and part of the closed system we call planet Earth, what remains intact of our environment belongs to all of us and past and future generations, as does the damage. With the recent heartbreaking events in Massey, West Virginia and now in the Gulf, there is growing sentiment and awareness of just how costly and destructive our short sited, extractive corporate culture is.

Please pass on widely and consider adding your organization as a sign on.


Catskill Mountainkeeper
Action Alert
May 3, 2010
The horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is creating what President Obama said is a “potentially unprecedented environmental disaster”.

As Paul Krugman
said in his column in the New York Times this morning, “the gulf blowout is a pointed reminder that the environment won’t take care of itself, that unless carefully watched and regulated, modern technology and industry can all too easily inflict horrific damage on the planet.”

We are fighting for just such regulation in the gas industry in New York State. While the current crisis involves oil, not gas, seawater, not fresh water, our region can potentially be exposed to the same type of horrific consequences if we don’t take steps to properly safeguard our natural resources.

It is thoroughly
documented that “Drilling Isn’t Safe”. Catskill Mountainkeeper knows that we can’t expect to go forward without proper regulations and expect that we won’t expose our land, people and environment to potentially devastating consequences. It’s critical that we learn from the mistakes that have been made.

As Paul Krugman said today, “The catastrophe in the gulf offers an opportunity, a chance to recapture some of the spirit of the original Earth Day. And if that happens, some good may yet come of this ecological nightmare.”
2160 people have signed our common sense petition demanding that the DEC wait to issue any permitting guidelines until the federal EPA Hydrofracking Study – which is currently underway – is completed
Catskill Mountainkeeper, affiliated organizations and many thousands of concerned citizens have been fighting a brave and effective battle to prevent the New York State DEC from commencing gas drilling in New York State under guidelines that expose all of us to far too much risk.

Our campaign has had a significant impact and there is substantial pressure on the DEC, the Governor and the EPA to restrain the DEC from issuing their final SGEIS guidelines as anticipated.

Nonetheless it has come down to this – barring new and substantial pressure, the DEC is expected at any moment to issue their final report based on their grossly inadequate draft guidelines.Once the report is issued, well permitting will follow shortly.

There are three people who can prevent this action from occurring – Governor David Paterson, DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis and EPA Administrator for the 2nd Region Judith Enck.

We must flood their inboxes with emails now! Use our simple email widget and sample letter by clicking on the links below.

Send Governor David Paterson an email HERE
Send DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis an email
Send EPA administrator for the 2nd Region Judith Enck an email

Please write all three today! We can still win this battle!

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