Too big to exist: Big Oil (Michael Collins)

BuzzFlash suggests ( that the American division of BP ought to be nationalized ASAP. Why not? Who would now dare argue that this ruinous profit-seeking giant functions more efficiently than any state-owned entity? (Well, some will say that, even now, but, of course, some people will say anything, depending on who owns them.)

What with the catastrophe unfolding all throughout our southern waters, maybe
threatening the survival of the very planet, it is time to face the possibility that
nationalization of that corporate monster may well be a matter of self-preservation.
As Michael Collins notes below, “We are the endangered species.”


Too Big to Exist – Big Oil
By Michael Collins

There is no viable solution insight for the out of control oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. The stunning failure of British Petroleum (BP) raises the question – are these oil giants too big to exist? Are they too dangerous to function in our presence? BP has four permanent deep water structures and 28 boreholes operating at a water depth of greater than 5000 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. What’s next?

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