Obama disavows the Warren/Burger Courts

He’s so balanced, is he not?

And a fat lot of good it does him. Like all his other anti-leftish statements, this one too has
only irked his (dogged) liberal backers while winning him no credit with the right, whose
zealots shoot down everything he does for them as insufficient and suspicious.

On the other hand, he may have made this point, in part, because he really means it. All
the more reason for anyone who cares about civil liberties, and checks and balances, to
take a very hard look at Merrick Garland and Elena Kagan, Obama’s top contenders for
this SCOTUS seat.


Obama Says Liberal Courts May Have Overreached

WASHINGTON – In a seeming rejection of liberal orthodoxy, President Obama has spoken disparagingly about liberal victories before the Supreme Court in the 1960s and 1970s – suggesting that justices made the “error” of overstepping their bounds and trampling on the role of elected officials.

Mr. Obama made his remarks Wednesday night against a backdrop of recent Supreme Court rulings in which conservative justices have struck down laws favored by liberals, most notably a January ruling that nullified restrictions on corporate spending to influence elections.

“It used to be that the notion of an activist judge was somebody who ignored the will of Congress, ignored democratic processes, and tried to impose judicial solutions on problems instead of letting the process work itself through politically,” Mr. Obama said.

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