Mexico not worried by Obama pledge to re-negotiate NAFTA

Mexico not worried about Obama campaign pledge to renegotiate NAFTA
By Alec MacGillis

Remember when Barack Obama vowed to voters in the industrial Midwest that he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement to make it more advantageous to U.S. workers? His promise, made to appeal to Democratic primary voters in his battle with Hillary Clinton, set off alarm bells among free-trade advocates, worried that he would yank the country toward protectionism.

Well, our neighbors to our south aren’t exactly quaking in their boots about Obama following through on that pledge. In fact, they never put much stock in his promise to begin with, Mexican labor minister Javier Lozano Alarcón said in an interview during a diplomatic visit to Washington.

“We understand that during a campaign a lot of groups and unions present their demands and petitions and complaints, and that as a part of the campaign [Obama] has to listen to everyone and be sensitive to all this,” said Lozano, who was in town late last week in advance of Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s two-day state visit this week.

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