Leak spewing 5 to 10 times more than estimated–a fact that BP tried to hide…

Small wonder that BP, for weeks, “refused to share” its footage of the leak, engaging in “a tug war … over images that [it] did not want the public to see.” Because the health of the environment–that is, the very survival of our planet–matters far less to BP than its own corporate image, its bosses nixed releasing any images of what was really going on deep in the Gulf, even though it could have helped the situation:

Eric Smith, a professor at Tulane University’s Energy Institute said that footage could help in making independent assessments of the scope of the spill. But it also could do public relations damage to BP. It has remained closely guarded and cannot be made public under the argument that it is “proprietary,” according to Coast Guard officials who have received repeated requests to release the images.

See “After Oil Rig Blast, BP Refused to Share Underwater Spill Footage,” an ABC News story at http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/bp-oil-spill-oil-rig-blast-bp-refused/story?id=10624972, before you read the piece below; and then consider what it means that this could happen, and what we ought to do about such lethal corporate power.


Leak spewing 5 to 10 times the oil once estimated

Earlier in the week we noted that some experts believed that the amount of oil spewing out of the busted
BP well in the Gulf of Mexico was far greater than early estimates indicated.

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