In Ohio primary, election website servers “under attack”–just like in 2004!

Last night, as Ohio counted up (or tried to count) the votes cast (or not) in its primary
election, three election website servers were mysteriously “under attack,” according the
BoE director Betty McGrary.

Here’s Brad Friedman’s piece about it:

This news comes as the Republicans make quite a show of their intention to “win” big in
the elections this November.

So how will the Democrats respond to this news from Ohio? They won’t–even though
the same mysterious attacks took place on Election Night, 2004 (when the results in
Butler County were especially suspicious).

We, therefore, have to spread the word as pointedly as they’ll ignore it.


County election website ‘under attack,’ director says
By Josh Sweigart, Staff Writer
Updated 10:46 PM Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HAMILTON – The Butler County Board of Elections website is under attack from an outside source, according to Board of Elections Director Betty McGary.

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