“Illegals” pay more in taxes than they get in benefits

Undocumented Immigrants Pay More in Taxes Than They Receive in Benefits
Monday 03 May 2010
by: Alberto Ponce de León | El Diario de El Paso (the United States)

During their working life, undocumented immigrants in the United States will pay, on average, approximately $80,000 more in taxes per capita than they use in government services, owing to the fact that they are not eligible to take advantage of almost all of the social service programs offered by the federal government, according to a study released by the National Council of La Raza.

According to the report, in June of 2007, the president’s Council of Economic Advisers stated that the “impact of undocumented immigration on public budgets is likely to be very positive.”

The report cites the Texas Comptroller’s disclosure that, in 2006, undocumented immigrants paid about $424.7 million more in state revenues – including sales tax and school property tax – than they used in state services, including education and health care.

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10 thoughts on ““Illegals” pay more in taxes than they get in benefits”

  1. I don’t know whose figures you’re looking at, but they are draining our Social Services, of food stamps, housing, medical. Our prisons are full of them. Our ER’s treat them everyday. Granted the Mexican’s do drugs and drink, and are a major problem, but the working ones send their money home to their families. My fear is more of the thousands of illegal Middle Easterner’s in our country. They come here commit their crimes, launder the money, and funnel large portions to terrorist groups to be used against us. Our fed. agents cut un-necessary deals with the criminals and let them walk, and it must stop. Even when evidence is put in their hands, they turn their backs. I know one from Lebanon who was here in NC 10 yrs illegally. When we gave his name and the brother’s name, the FBI said if they did anything serious, they’d take action. I replied: “If smuggling cig’s, money laundering, fraudulent marriages & funneling money to the leader of the Charlotte, NC leader, aren’t serious, what the H is?” Their reply was, I understand how you feel, and I went back on her with: “No you don’t, you have no idea” and hung up, knowing they weren’t going to do anything. After I finally had him picked up as an illegal by 7 agents, he came back telling that the FBI came to him in GA. and asked him to come to work for them as a translator, he didn’t want the job, and put them in contact with his niece. I wouldn’t have believe this, but verified she took the job. One brother was caught smuggling cig’s in Mich. He faked a heart attack and gave the agent the same 18 names they had gotten from two other sources. He knew what his x roommate had done when caught in St. Louis with $700,000. in counterfeit cig stamps, and got by with the same thing..paying a fine and never serving a day, with the ATF agent requiring the Atty Gen here in NC to sign a non-disclosure before giving him names he already had from 2 other sources. He was also given his 2nd Vol. Departure, when the law says they can only have one, with the requirement being you have to be of good moral character. Would you call someone who committed these crimes someone of good moral character? He committed Bigamy, in marrying an Amer. Woman while still married to his Leb. wife. Got a fraudulent annulment with none of the reasons allowed under NC law stated in either the Motion or Order, with his atty filing for full custody the next day, thinking that would keep him in the US..that’s when I had him picked up. His business continues to operate 7 days a week, and he’s suppose to be in Canada, but has been seen by several here in NC. His handwritten ledger showed large sums going to the leader of the Charlotte crew sentenced to 155 yrs. where do you think it went? Ask me if I fear the Middle Easterner’s?

  2. Well, the piece I posted makes completely clear “whose figures” it’s quoting, so you should read it, if you’re interested. The point it makes is one thing, while yours is something else. I doubt that the criminal types in your experience pay _any_ taxes, don’t you? Whereas the article above relates to the vast majority of hard-working, if illegal, laborers.

    Are you sure its immigration policy that most concerns you? If any, or all, of those “Middle Easterners” were legal citizens, would you really fear them any less? And are you just as agitated about (for example) Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and/or Israeli illegals who take part in criminal activities in the US? Or are just illegal Arabs whom you fear?

    Well, the piece I posted makes

  3. I would very much like to read the actual study. Unfortunately, my search of the National Council of La Raza website did not produce a reference to the study and the “Read More” above link is broken.

    The point made in the three paragraphs I can read supports a long-held, but previously unsubstantiated, belief of mine so I am very interested in reading more of the details.

    As to NANASIX’s comment I can only say that an experience like that would frustrate anyone and make them mad as blazes, but a single observation, no matter how unfortunate, does not refute the evidence that overall illegal immigrants benefit this country far more than they cost it.

  4. Do La Raza’s numbers control for the amount in benefits derived via a so-called “anchor baby” or do they dismiss it out of hand because the benefits are primarily afforded to a citizen?

  5. Definition: ANCHOR BABY or BABIES
    1) A mythical infant allegedly conceived with the sole purpose of providing its mother and or father with justification to stay in the country in which the child was born; 2) A delusion suffered by “movement conservatives” and reactionary, authoritarian, neo-royalist, or neo-Confederate paranoiacs of America’s radical right; 3) a talisman used by said paranoiacs to frighten people who are uneducated, deranged, or otherwise mentally impaired; 4) a “buzz” phase used to considerable effect to a) impede logical thought in the credulous and b) provoke donations to so-called “conservative” organizations and public figures that prey on people who are self-destructive.

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