Charges of election fraud throughout Kentucky!

Charges of election fraud are streaming in to the election hotline in Kentucky, primarily
from supporters of Rand Paul–whose opponent, Trey Grayson, has won the blessings
of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

So it is highly likely that the Paul supporters speak the truth, as the GOP in Ole Kentucky
is well-known (among those who pay attention) for its practice of the black arts of
election theft. My readers may recall the big election scandal in Clay County, where
the party’s local vote-stealers were eventually convicted for their crimes; and there’s
considerable evidence that Sen. Jim Bunning, whose seat Paul and Grayson are competing
for, was not really elected by the people of Kentucky, but by Karl Rove’s enterprise.

Since Democrats, and liberals, have long refused to face the facts about all this, let’s
hope that the tea-party activists confront it, and make all the noise they can, until
we force the necessary radical reforms on our absurd election system.


Kentucky Senate Race: Election Fraud Complaints Streaming In

Kentucky’s election fraud hotline lit up on Tuesday with claims of numerous election violations, according to the Bluegrass Politics blog on the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Web site.

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