BP bused in those workers for Obama’s Media Moment (then bused them out)

To form a heartening visual backdrop for Obama’s oil-spill photo-op, BP bused in those workers who appeared to be there “cleaning up”–then bused them right back out again.

This is an uncanny repeat of the moment when George W. Bush (finally) showed up in New Orleans after Katrina, to make his Reassuring Statement for the global audience.

When his advance team came in to set up the lights and podium, etc., the residents of that ravaged neighborhood mistakenly assumed that BushCo’s operatives had brought their powerful generator there to help rebuild the place. But they were only there to do that big of presidential theater, and split immediately after it was over.

Anderson Cooper did a long report about BP/Obama’s dog-and-pony show:


And here’s an email from Debbie Fleming Caffery, who took this picture of the BP workers on the school bus requisitioned by the company. Please read her email to the end.


From Debbie Fleming Caffery:

My dear friends,

I know all of you are watching the Gulf Oil Spill disaster.

From what I can tell, the President did not see the marshes where the oil is pouring in. He went to a fairly clean beach with a few tarballs on it, with a staged scene of a clean-up crew that were bused in by BP. They were wearing straw hats with a band of the American flag. (Anderson Cooper also talked about this.)

For taking a photo of a Hallibuton sign, I had my license taken down, and my press info, by a guard who was with a US Army officer.

I moved back to Louisiana a month ago. I have to say my homesickness had gotten severe the last few years.

I am asking everyone to please help my state once again. I think the best way at this point is to write the President and all of your public officials, and stand up for Freedom of the Press.

The press which is being controlled by BP, and the Coast Guard is tangled up in it!

Debbie Fleming Caffery

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