A whistleblower jailed by Bush/Obama’s DoJ

JAILED WHISTLEBLOWER, Tuesday 5-25-10 on Spectrum Today on WPFW 89.3 FM

The US government owes Bradley Birkenfeld a great debt: some $780 million to date. This is the amount the US government has recouped in fines from banking giant UBS as a result of Bradely Birkenfeld’s blowing the whistle on the biggest tax-evasion scheme in US history. UBS helped thousands of clients avoid paying US taxes by hiding their assets in Swiss bank accounts. While no one who carried out this fraud has served jail time, Bradley Birkenfeld, who voluntarily brought this ongoing crime to the attention of the US government, sits behind bars.

Yesterday, on behalf of his imprisoned brother, Douglas Birkenfeld accepted the “Tax Whistleblower of the Year Award” from the National Whistleblower Assembly. Douglas Birkenfeld explained how Bush’s Department of Justice went after his brother and how Obama’s DOJ, due to Bush holdovers, is not much different. Sitting on President Obama’s desk is a formal request for clemency for Bradley Birkenfeld. It was submitted on April 15, Tax Day.

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