2 million+ rightists read Imprimis

The most infuential conservative publication you’ve never heard of

Limbaugh and Hannity are fans, and so are nearly 2 million others. Maybe it’s time you learned about Imprimis

The conservative newsletter Imprimis has nearly 2 million subscribers, which is surprising because almost no one has ever heard of it. To judge by its presence on the national media radar, Imprimis is an unknown entity. But in the conservative grass roots, among the people who populate Tea Party rallies and line up for Sarah Palin appearances, Imprimis is very well known, and is often passed from person to person like a Grateful Dead bootleg. Despite existing beyond the rolodex of the mainstream for decades, Imprimis plays a crucial role in distributing conservative ideas to the rank-and-file — ideas that can be based on information that is alarmingly inaccurate.

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