You won’t know what you’re eating if you don’t SIGN THIS PETITION!

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. While we struggle to amend, or halt, the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) in the Senate,* we must also push our government to cease its opposition to the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) food.

To be clear: We want to know which foods are “GMO-free,” and which aren’t–but the US doesn’t want us knowing that difference. Why? Probably because Monsanto, the planet’s top purveyor of GMO, enjoys quite warm relations with Obama (who, in January, appointed the Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor to the FDA, putting him in charge of food safety). So we’re now faced with the nauseating prospect of not knowing when we, and our children, might be swallowing Monsanto’s “Frankenfoods.”

And yet what is at stake here isn’t just the food we eat–although God knows that that’s a matter of immeasurable importance. What we are also facing here is a betrayal of democracy, as this passage (from an email I received just now from Michael Parenti) spells out loud and clear:

“The Obama administration is planning on dispatching delegates, on May 3rd, to a WTO meeting to propose changes to a document called the Codex Alimentarius, which is responsible for determining international standards on food labeling. Specifically, these changes would restrict labeling as it pertains to genetically modified genes and organisms. Much more than a giveaway to multinational agribusiness interests, this is an affront to democracy and national sovereignty itself for any number of nations, including our own. In short, if this passes, it would literally become illegal, under international law to inform consumers of genetically modified foodstuffs–and our own FDA and USDA, as well as state and local agencies, would become powerless to protect the interests of American consumers, with regard to our food supply. If you
have any interest whatsoever in knowing what’s in the food you eat, I would strongly urge you to please have a look at this petition, and consider signing it. And then pass it along to everyone you know, as soon as you can. We have until May 3rd on this.”

So please sign this petition, and pass this on.



Stop the sneak attack on food labeling.

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